Knowing The G20

The G20 was established with the purpose to discuss topics that affect the whole world. They focus mainly on the financial issues. That is why at its establishment, only the bank governors and the finance ministers were invited to participate. It was first hosted by Germany and Canada by their finance ministers and it was in the year 1999. It has begun and became a yearly gathering due to circumstances that happened that is connected to the economy concern and so they had to gather.

Now there is the attendance also of the leaders of each nation so they can join and tackle the different issues.  It was given the G20 title as the organization is composed of 20 countries that are considered as developing and already developed ones. Not all countries are included as there could be a negative effect in the final decision-making process of the organization. The developing countries are given representation. The forum has different themes or center of discussion when they meet at different years especially the pressing issues.

The countries that comprised the organization are Argentina, Turkey, European Union, India, Canada, Italy, Australia, China, Brazil, Indonesia, Japan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, France, Germany, Mexico, South Africa, United States, United States, and the United Kingdom. The G20 is not handled permanently by a certain country but they have a rotation on who would be the chair in a certain year and also the one who will hosts rotates. They can also invite some leaders in countries not part of the summit.