Hamburg City

Hamburg city is one of the cities in Germany and not the one you can find in the United States. The city boasts of its harbors which are considered as the biggest in all Europe. You can take a stroll and you can find many waterways on your way. There are also many canals that it is called the “Venice of the North”. This city has bridges that are built within its the main city so you could see lots of them when you visit. If you like bridges then you can take your time to hang out in them.

But you cannot also ignore to stroll and take a look at other places. One of the places that you should not miss to visit is the fish market in the locality as you will surely enjoy what you will find. You can also have the chance to see a sight of red laden bricks that has become part of a good architecture and it is called the Merchants District. You will not miss it if you will just find the red bricks.

If you want to have some experience with their fine dining, you will be granted together with a sight beside the river. Another famous area is where you can find the red lights. Have your time spend in each place to be remembered. Do not just run around to see as many places as possible. You will miss many things you can enjoy buy only your sight and calm senses.