People Strike

The world has been around for billions of years. As humans also populated the earth, they have established their own set of rules so that they could manage the different nations. Now all are divided but many years ago, many are into wars and people just conquer another nation. The winner would be the ruler. Each nation should protect itself as one may invade it. They also formed alliances with other nations so that they could help each other in terms of war or in times they need help.

They have developed politics in a way that has now been adopted today. There are different kinds of government that exist around the world. Based on that classification, rulers will act accordingly. Now, as countries are more stable than before in terms of being conquered so they also try to focus on other things. They now form regulations and rules that they think is good for the country. Each country has their own ruler and many consider themselves to be in the power.

Most of the time, the president or ruler is elected and so they will govern the country giving laws that people should abide. But now, there are the rights of the citizens to question the power of their president. They can make a decision that they will change the president. They can make strides and that could be powerful. Around the world, the strike is one event that is being conducted to protest something that they do not like and would have a negative effect.